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Product Name:

5D cinema motion seat (blue)



Product Category:

5D/7D Cinema

Product Information:

4D dynamic movie is based on 3D movies and adds auto kinetic effect, as 5D adds the environmental effects simulation equipment composition of the new film andtelevision products. It sets the special effects equipment, all kinds of environmental technology effect equipments like sound& light& electricity, and the elaborateconception of the stereo-screen production as a whole. When the audiences are watching the stereo film of 4D/5D dynamic movie, along with the change of the videocontent, they can feel vibration real-time, special effects such as rising, falling, moving forewords and backwards, dodging, bumping around, the storm, lightning, rain, jet, spray, sprinkling, drilling by mice and insect and snake. The audiences can simulate the plot for sight, hearing, touch, feel, smell, which make them access to the real and thrilling world. This is a very popular 4D/5D theater today.
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