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Product Name:

VR Gatling Battle









Product Category:

9d VR cinema

Product Information:

Size: L220*W125*H230cm
Voltage:220V;Power:2KW;    Weight:200KG;Maximum load:400KG
Cool appearance 、Powerful weapons, Attractive
Gatling swing with the game screen is highly consistent with strong sense of immersion
Military, cartoons, sci-fi game of shooting experience                                     

Button can select start & stop game and view the game description, Players can self-help complete the game,Operating convenience;Comes with 40 inch big screen synchronization game screen;
Play propaganda video and display the game description.                               

The installation position of the fuselage comes with the locator, and no required additional positioning device.
1.High reward product
2.Popular all over the world
3.0 breakdown

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