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Redemption Game Machine
Product Name:Frog Prince
Product Model:RM-EL4040
Product power:150W
Product weight:180KG
Frog Prince
Product Name:Animals Paradise
Product Model:RM-EL4042
Product power:150W
Product weight:120KG
Animals Paradise
Product Name:Naughty Lionet
Product Model:RM-EL1008
Product power:150W
Product weight:126KG
Naughty Lionet
Product Name:Go Fishing
Product Model:RM-EL1020
Product weight:92KG
Go Fishing
Product Name:Big Adventure Winner
Product Model:RM-EL4054
Product weight:100KG
Big Adventure Winner
Product Name:Penguin Paradise
Product Model:RM-EL4008
Product power:200W
Product weight:125KG
Penguin Paradise
Product Name:Water Curtain Cave
Product Model:RM-EL4031
Product power:100W
Product weight:200KG
Water Curtain Cave
Product Name:Treasure Tub
Product Model:RM-EL4007
Product power:200W
Product weight:150KG
Treasure Tub
Product Name:Monkey and Fruit
Product Model:RM-EL4002
Product power:200W
Product weight:194KG
Monkey and Fruit
Product Name:Spider Stompin-Ⅱ
Product Model:RM-EL4017
Product power:200W
Product weight:100KG
Spider Stompin-Ⅱ
Product Name:Color Ball
Product Model:RM-EL1036
Product power:80W
Product weight:100KG
Color Ball
Product Name:Golden Queen
Product Model:RM-EL4026
Product power:100W
Product weight:145KG
Golden Queen
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