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Park Rides
Product Name:Ocean fantasy drifting
Product Model:RS-EL28014
Product power:380V 20KW
Ocean fantasy drifting
Product Name:The forest flying squirrel
Product Model:EL-RS26013
Product power:380V/11KW
The forest flying squirrel
Product Name:Snail Agent team
Product Model:EL-RS20107
Product power:30kw、:380V
Snail Agent team
Product Name:Double Side fruit Ferris wheel
Product Model:EL-RS20106
Product power:380V 5.5KW
Double Side fruit Ferris wheel
Product Name:Happy time
Product Model:EL-RS29011
Product power:220V、6.6KW
Happy time
Product Name:Ice and snow pendulum hammer
Product Model:EL-RS29012
Product power:3P 220V、10KW
Ice and snow pendulum hammer
Product Name:Space time reversal
Product Model:EL-RS40045
Product power:380V、10KW
Space time reversal
Product Name:36 people turn cup
Product Model:EL-RS40044
Product power:3N+PE 380V 50 Hz.
36 people turn cup
Product Name:Mini drift
Product Model:RS-EL61015
Product power:380V/220V 50-60Hz 、316.5KW
Product weight:6T
Mini drift
Product Name:Space roller coaster
Product Model:EL-RS40041
Product power:380V 50HZ 、20KW
Space roller coaster
Product Name:Indoor ocean roller coaster
Product Model:EL-RS40040
Product power:380V 50HZ 、20KW
Indoor ocean roller coaster
Product Name:Insane Racing
Product Model:EL-RS40038
Product power:380V、4.5KW
Insane Racing
Product Name:The sea fountain
Product Model:EL-RS40037
Product power:380V、6KW
The sea fountain
Product Name:Sea cyclone
Product Model:EL-RS40036
Product power:380V、1.5KW
Sea cyclone
Product Name:Outdoor roller coaster forest
Product Model:EL-RS40039
Product power:380V 50HZ 、54kw
Outdoor roller coaster forest
Product Name:Electric train III
Product Model:EL-RS5804
Product power:4KW/4.08HP
Product weight:1350KG
Electric train III
Product Name:Electric train II
Product Model:EL-RS5803
Product power:4KW/4.08HP
Product weight:1350KG
Electric train II
Product Name:racing car
Product Model:RS-EL20111
Product power:380V、4.5kw
racing car
Product Name:Rotate racing car
Product Model:EL-RS40042
Product power: 220V/50HZ
Rotate racing car
Product Name:Indoorrollercoasterforest
Product Model:EL-RS40035
Product power:20kw
Product Name:Mini Tagada
Product Model:PR-EL45101
Mini Tagada
Product Name:Towering waves
Product Model:EL-RS56102
Product power:2200W
Towering waves
Product Name:Children's wisdom tree
Product Model:KR-EL6801
Product power:2200W
Product weight:800KG
Children's wisdom tree
Product Name:Submarine walk
Product Model:EL-RS56101
Product power:400W
Submarine walk
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